Amazon FBA Prep Pricing  
Prices are subject to change at any given time!
30-99 UNITS 
We do not accept Shipments that are less then 30 units PER SKU!
100-499 UNITS 500-999 UNITS 1000+ UNITS
$1.00 /unit
(Add + $0.60 for Oversize)
$0.79 /unit
(Add + $0.60 for Oversize)
$0.69 /unit
(Add + $0.60 for Oversize)
$0.59 /unit
(Add + $0.60 for Oversize)
Basic FBA Prep includes FNSKU labeling, Receiving, Counting, basic inspection, Web base Dashboard, Shipping & FBA label printing, packaging dunnage, Cardboard/Master Boxes and Delivery to Carrier (Ups)
Other FBA Prep Services
  Box Forwarding Service
Box Forwarding Service  
Includes Receiving, Counting, Basic inspection, Web base Dashboard, Shipping & FBA label printing, Repair damaged boxes upon inbound (up to %15 of the shipment) and Delivery to carrier (Ups)
$3.99 /box
(1-19 Boxes)
$3.49 /box
(20-49 Boxes)
$2.99 /box
(50+ Boxes)
  Create Removel Order
Create Removel Order  
Pricing is receiving ONLY!. Subject to Prep pricing upon outbound Shipping!
$0.49 /unit
($1.00 for Oversize)
  Minimum Invoice
Minimum Invoice  
Minimum invoice is $40. Any prep job that costs less than $40 will be billed $40
Poly Bag
Poly Bag  
Comes with a suffocation warning text printed, smallest poly bag starts with $0.15
$0.15 - $0.90
  Laber stickers
Laber stickers  
Suffocation labels, expiration date labels, fragile labels, bundle as set labets etc. (Each $0.20)
Comes with a proper size poly bag. Price is for 2,3,4,5 bundles. Please contact us for 6 or up bundling pricing.
$0.70 to $1.50
  Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap  
Bubble wrap starts with $0.25 per foot and up (bigger the bubble higher the cost)
  Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Boxes  
Box is free of charge if it holds 20 units or more. Otherwise $3 per box
  Pallet Cost/Appointment
Pallet Cost/Appointment 
Pallet cost Includes Grade B+ pallet, shrink wrapping and pallet labels, Pallet appointment includes appointment & forwarding to the LTL carrier
$25 / $25
  1 hour Labor
1 hour Labor  
Any other prep work that is not in this chart, subject to custom labor work

Simple Storage Pricing is available below with 2 different Tiers!

Every other SKU requires it's own storage

48" x 24" x 18" or 12ft³

48" x 40" x 72" or 80 ft³

Storage Calculator

(Please use Inches)


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Total CU/FT: 0

Storage Fee: Tiers

Additional SERVICES

Container Unloading
$350 for 20' container *
$500 for 40' container *
$550 for 40' HQ container *
This pricing covers all the tasks that are not stated on our price list.
Picture & Video Service
$30 up to three pictures
$30 up to 1 minute video

* Containers with loose cargo boxes (without pallets) is subject to $20 per pallet fee