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Invoices are generally sent prior to prepping your products. However, if there are any charges related to receiving such as "insufficient Unit in box" etc. , it will be invoiced right away.
Standart Size Over Size
$0.49 /unit
$1.00 /unit
Web Base DashBoard
Web Base DashBoard  
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  Receiving / Initial Inspection
Receiving / Initial Inspection  
A picture will be sent to you if a damaged product is received! For stacked and palatalized products individual inspection is impossible. Detailed inspections requires a "Better inspection" Fee!
Includes counting and posting it to your dashboard
  Pallet receiving
Pallet receiving  
Any pallet delivery or Containers with pallets are has no extra cost for receiving!
** Any item exceeding 18" x 14" x 8" or over 5 LBS considered oversize. Products over 5 LBS please add additional $0.10 per LBS!

Additional SERVICES

Container Unloading
$350 for 20' container *
$500 for 40' container *
$550 for 40' HQ container *
This pricing covers all the tasks that are not stated on our price list.
Picture & Video Service
$20 up to three pictures
$20 up to 1 minute video

* Containers with loose cargo boxes (without pallets) is subject to $20 per pallet fee